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Employee retention is important, as you simply need smart and talented people to help you run your business. Attracting talent is one thing, but keeping it is another. A big mistake many offices tend to make is to spend very little time making the work-environment more hospitable and refreshing. While it may not be the most pressing cost to incur upon your business, a distasteful work environment may deter new talent while pushing away current employees at the same time. Companies across Houston have taken this concept to heart, and as such, have successfully increased their talent pool significantly. Here’s a list of some of those companies:

1- Situs – The Company recently moved into an 18,000 square foot office in the Galleria Financial Center. Situs houses 110 employees, and that number doesn’t sound like it is going to decrease any time soon. Aesthetically speaking, the office design tried to merge its identity with that of its logo, sporting curvy designs throughout the office. Moreover, lighting from the outside is an integral component, allowing natural light to enter from several vantage points throughout the space. The best component is that the office features several 60 square foot balconies, allowing their employees to step outside to get some privacy whenever they needed it.

2- Inventure Designs – This tech company moved into 3118 Richmond Avenue almost a year ago, and invested in a one million dollar renovation of the establishment. Now the building offers several floor-to-ceiling windows allowing an abundance of natural lighting. Moreover, the building sports several pieces of art for sale courtesy of local galleries. There’s even a well-stocked kitchen that even features a kegerator. But perhaps the best component? Employees have individual HVAC control. So long are the days of mysterious temperature gradients throughout the office.

3- Seeberger Architecture – This architectural company just completed its final phase of its office overhaul, and the results are nothing short of amazing. The owner, Perry Seeberger, envisioned the space to feel like the eye of a hurricane, after many employees mused that the building’s parallelogram shape must have been caused by a hurricane. As such, curves were used extensively in the interior design, fanning out in curved bans much like a hurricane. Despite only servicing 14 employees, they couldn’t be more content with the layout. It adds an element of uniqueness that has made coming to work for them enjoyable every day.

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More companies in the Houston metro area are investing in radical new designs for their offices to make their employees happy. This has even been translating into newly built buildings, which are straying away from building practical spaces and trying to attract occupants with intriguing interior designs. At Capital Realty Group, we have noticed this trend and have accommodated for it. If you are interested in occupying or purchasing commercial real estate in Houston with an interesting layout, call us at 713-452-9000.

What interesting interior design elements does your office feature?

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