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Solar Energy and Commercial Real Estate

Solar Energy and Commercial Real Estate in Colorado

It’s official! Solar energy has hit the Denver commercial real estate market and is here to stay. The last decade has seen an unprecedented surge in all types of renewable energy, but solar energy took the lead as the cleanest and most abundant renewable resource available. Ranking No. 6 in... Read More

Nationwide Insurance Moving Its Denver Offices

Nationwide Insurance will consolidate its Denver offices into one large new building near the Lincoln light-rail station this year. This move illustrates just one of the commercial real estate market trends we are seeing at Capital Realty Group of an increased interest in Denver office space near light-rail lines. The... Read More

Denver’s Booming Retail Market

The Denver metro areas is one of the hottest cities in the United States, at least according to its economic outlook and the growth in Denver commercial real estate. Nearly 3 million people call the seven-county metro area home, and the population continues to expand fueled in part by lots... Read More

Millennial Migration Bodes Well For Commercial Real Estate In Denver 2015

According to the President’s Council of Economic Advisers (CEA)’s report “15 Economic Facts About Millennials,” the millennial generation, those born between 1982 and 1993, will shape the nation’s economy “for decades to come.” Currently, this segment is 80 million strong and accounts for approximately one-third of the U.S. population and... Read More

The Republic Plaza

In the heart of the Mile High City is a tall, cubical white structure. Dubbed the Republic Plaza, this building stands as Denver’s tallest building, standing at a modest 714 feet tall. All 56 of its floors are used for commercial real estate in Denver, and vacancies in this behemoth... Read More

The Future Of Denver Office Space

You don’t have to turn on a TV and hear a political ad to learn that Colorado is currently leading the nation economically. The state has seen unprecedented growth, and a good portion of that growth has been felt across Denver. Denver office space has been shrinking fast, and demand... Read More

Denver Commercial Real Estate

Rising Premiums For Industrial Space In Denver

Denver has long been an industrial capital for the Rocky Mountain region for some time now. Considered the most isolated major city in the United States, Denver has long serviced the entire mountain west region. As a result, Denver commercial real estate has been growing since the turn of the... Read More

Denver Commercial Real Estate

2500 West 8th Avenue

We’ve spent a considerable amount of time examining office spaces across the Denver metro area over the past few months and we thought it only seemed fitting to discuss some industrial spaces for a change. After all, we have several industrial properties in Denver, and industry is the beating heart... Read More

Union Station's Effect on Denver - Capital Realty Group

Union Station’s Effect on Denver

Union Station, in downtown Denver, has been a beacon to the past for every Denverite. The building was constructed in 1881, serving as the city’s central hub to all other rail lines extending through Denver. The station was heavily populated before Amtrak was organized, where only one train was designated... Read More

denver commercial real estate

2727 Bryant Street

Capital Realty Group is always on the prowl for the best Denver commercial real estate properties in Denver. This month’s featured property is 2727 Bryant Street. The building is six stories high, and is located off of Speer Boulevard and I-25. This puts it at great proximity to downtown Denver,... Read More