Acquisitions & Dispositions

Capital Realty Group’s expertise in the Denver and Houston markets makes us a perfect fit for your acquisitions and dispositions needs. Our team has performed due diligence on office, retail, and industrial spaces for sellers and buyers from small investments to portfolio purchases.


Capital Realty provides our clients with full service commercial real estate services for acquisitions, including:

  • Acquisition Analysis
  • Inspection of property
  • Tenant protection checklist / proof of foreclosure
  • Historical review of property
  • Title search and report
  • Negotiation of price
  • Settlement / closing

Assisting our clients to make informed decisions by providing and evaluating the numerous elements in contemplating a purchase or sale can save you time and money. If you want help with acquiring commercial property, contact Capital Realty Group today!


Capital Realty takes an active role in all aspects of the property disposition process, including:

  • Financial analysis
  • Property and market evaluation
  • Appraisals
  • Marketing
  • Closing

We’ll make sure we sell your property as soon as possible at the best prices.

At Capital Realty, our goal is to make this process as comfortable as possible as we consult on an acquisition or disposition for our clients. And with our exclusive REAL-Ized Visions™ we ensure that we’ll be fully engaged throughout the entire process by proving an innovative approach to commercial real estate. We’ll walk you through the entire end-to-end process, specifically tailored to your goals:

  • Wants and needs review
  • Possibilities matrix
  • Visioning options alignment
  • Space configuration simulation
  • Negotiation process checklist
  • Successful transaction completion
  • Tools and support
  • Ongoing engagement to ensure success

If you are interested in our disposition services, contact us today for more information!