History & Philosophy


Tenants and Buyers are increasingly becoming more sophisticated in their ability to search and research options for their commercial real estate needs.  We recognize this phenomenon and help our clients to work in concert with their knowledge and their needs to achieve their objectives.  Our market knowledge and experience helps us in understanding the fundamental elements of successful commercial real estate transactions.  With this in mind, our philosophy is to integrate our client’s needs and wants into more than just results but to achieve a greater sense of satisfaction in finding the best commercial real estate solutions.

Landlords and Sellers are looking for the maximum return on their investment at the least cost.  Tenants seem to leave no stone unturned when making their choices of where to locate their business.  Buyers want the best value for their purchase. A successful marketing program coupled with a good first impression to the drive-by tenant prospect can generate a leasing inquiry.  A clean and well-maintained property will facilitate the leasing process and reduce tenants concerns during showing.  Prospective tenants will ask other tenants in the building what they “like and dislike” about the owners and management.  A sound property management program and proactive maintenance are important factors to tenants, and in turn allows for leasing to maximize the lease rates and fill the vacancies sooner.


Capital Realty Group, Inc. has developed and maintained longstanding relationships with our clients through our dedication to the task at hand, treating every situation – client and customer, with the highest standard of a solid work ethic and a results oriented mindset.