Landlord Representation

Our Capital Realty Group Advisors seek to maximize the value of your property and the properties performance. As an owner of a property, you can be sure that Capital Realty will provide you with the best recommendations and support when it comes to landlord representation. The benefits of our landlord representation services include:

  • Property and location evaluation
  • Market  and target market analysis
  • Leasing strategy
  • Leasing negotiations

Achieving the maximum return and most favorable results for the initial leasing project or maintaining the highest market rents and occupancy sometimes requires more than just a traditional approach. We will ensure that each commercial leasing project assignment that our advisers take on is evaluated using a checklist to recommend the best strategies for the projects position in the market, pricing, management and marketing to achieve your objectives.

Through our REAL-Ized™ Visions process, we make sure to provide our clients with the most sophisticated commercial real estate solutions for the Houston and Denver markets:

  • Visioning Options Alignment
  • Space Configuration Simulation
  • Negotiation Process Checklist
  • Successful Transaction Completion
  • Tools & Support
  • Ongoing Engagement to Ensure Success

At Capital Realty, we believe in always changing ourselves and those around us; that’s why we’re fully engaged in helping your tenants get the right commercial real estate space for their business. Our team will support you through every step of the process – beyond what other brokers do. Chose Capital Realty and you’ll never have to look for another commercial real estate company again! Contact us today for more information on landlord representation today!