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Market Square Park in Downtown Houston

Located in the heart of downtown Houston is the historic Market Square Park. Market Square Park is one square block in the historic district that brings an old time historic ambiance. This is a tree-lined area, filled with an abundance of flowers, tables and chairs, and even a dog park.... Read More

What is an Executive Office Suite?

Trying to cut costs on rent? Only need a single office? An executive suite might be the answer for you! You might ask, what is an executive suite? Well it is a collection of offices that can all be individually leased. Once a client leases an executive office suite, there... Read More

Open Concept Offices: Helping or Hurting Productivity?

What’s the best way to ensure employees to be productive and proactive? Many will say that the work place environment is a huge factor to the efficiency of the workers. Modern work places have evolved into open concept offices, where several employees share one large office space. But is this... Read More

Thinking Outside the Cubicle Box: Innovative Office Space Designs

Office designs have changed a lot over the last several decades. Companies have become aware of the positive effect unique work environments can have on the well-being and happiness of their staff, which subsequently improves their work performance. This trend, particularly with businesses that make their money on the internet,... Read More

Houston Museum District

While many people know Houston’s reputation for business opportunities, some are unaware of its top-notch cultural offerings found around the city and within the Houston Museum District. In fact, Houston’s vibrant cultural scene has Forbes naming it one of America’s Coolest Cities. Capital Realty Group is here to present the... Read More

Chesmar Homes

Houston’s Chesmar Homes: Company Culture And Success

Each day as we see which new ideas commercial real estate Houston has to offer on behalf of our clients, we get to meet lots of talented people and get introduced to compelling company cultures that benefit their clients, employees and overall success. One Houston company that has won recognition... Read More

Light Rail Real Estate

Boom in Commercial Real Estate near RTD Light Rail

Anyone who’s lived in Denver for more than a decade would call the RTD light rail one of the city’s most transformative developments. Although the first light-rail track opened in 1994, the 19-mile expansion completed in 2006 more than doubled the light-rail’s size and range. The light rail to Golden... Read More

Southern Green Builders

When it comes to unique office space design in Houston that can increase employee morale and productivity as well as simply being “cool”, Southern Green Builders’ space was certainly a fan favorite according to a recent Facebook survey from The Houston Business Journal. The Contest and the Conference Room Although... Read More