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Houston is the place to be right now. With office space in Houston drying up faster than anyone can process it, businesses cannot wait to get a piece of the pie. But not all of Houston’s success stories have been imported. There are some home grown companies that you should really keep your eye on in the next five years. As Walter Urich, CEO of Houston Technology Center, cleverly put it, “People here are used to drilling holes in the ground and hoping good stuff comes out.” Here’s a list of some great startups in Houston:

1- Molecule Software – Energy is perhaps the largest industry in Houston today. So naturally, some people sought to exploit that reality by creating an app that allows to you to seemlessly trade energy assets in real time. The app even includes features to keep you informed about your deals, and gives you alerts when companies you follow are doing particularly well or not. It’s the perfect companion for an energy trader.

2- 2nd.MD – The next biggest industry to exploit in Houston is the medical industry, and naturally, there’s a startup exploiting that fact as well. As America’s fourth largest city, there is no shortage of demand for medical services to keep all those people functioning. But that also means that you may not be able to get an expert diagnosis as soon as you might need it. Enter 2nd.MD, which connects you to medical experts via webcam. You can get a 2nd opinion on your diagnosis from some of the best experts across the country, or even your first diagnosis if you trust them that much. This service brings medical diagnosticians straight to you without all the wait.

3- InformationShield – The tech industry is also quite notable in Houston, as every company in the 21st century simply requires the use of various advanced technologies to keep up. InformationShield prides itself on low-cost IT maintenance of your computer and security systems, allowing you to contract that responsibility out instead of hiring in house. The company has been doing particularly well by offering companies qualified staff to work on their systems while using the most modern practices.

4- PushLegal – There’s always a market for lawyers, and with digital legal libraries like Westlaw and LexisNexis costing so much, it’s nice to have some low cost alternatives. PushLegal is a strictly mobile legal library that aims to beat out the competition by providing a low cost, efficient mobile platform for legal research. The company wants you to be able to do your legal research on the go so that you can use more time in the day for other more pressing matters like discovery or preparing for a hearing.

5- GrubSquad – People always want to eat, and generally don’t have the time to go out every night or to cook for that matter. If only most restaurants delivered. Well GrubSquad makes your dream come true. The app allows you to place orders from some of your favorite restaurants, then Grubsquad goes and picks up your order. The team operates on weekdays from 10 am to 9 pm, right there with the restaurants.

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