Denver Union Station Bus Concourse Grand Opening in May

Union Station Bus Concourse Grand Opening in May

Denverites are particularly fond of Union Station in LoDo, one of downtown Denver’s oldest buildings. Since 2012, it has been under constant renovation and surrounded by unseemly construction, but that time is finally coming to an end. On May 11th, the Union Station bus concourse will finally open for the first time, effectively replacing Market Street Station, which has been deemed unfit to serve Denver’s ever growing public transportation network.

The new bus concourse will have 22-gates to accommodate the already existing number of buses using Market Street, along with any new bus routes that may be designed in the future. Every bus will be moved to Union Station on May 11th to begin service from now on. In honor of this historic day, the city is putting on a public celebration on May 9th from 11 am to 6 pm. The point of Union Station is to serve as the central hub for Denver’s transportation network, linking it as the center of all bus, light rail, and train travel across the city. As Union Station reclaims its former glory as a massive hub-station for Denver and Colorado, the area is bound to see a significant increase in Denver commercial real estate development. Locations are expected to come at a premium quickly, and so snatching up any property in LoDo will be seen as an auspicious business decision.

Denver’s current light rail network extends as far west as Golden, as far south as Littleton and mid-Aurora. This is only the beginning. By 2016, lines to Denver International Airport, more of Aurora, and Westminster are expected to be complete, making commuting more possible across the Denver metro area. These investments are expected to only bolster business opportunity in Denver, as more opportunities for commuting mean less need to occupy office space further away from major economic centers.

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