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The Houston Texans did not have the most admirable season in recent memory. Despite this, NRG Stadium has seen its fair share of success housing an NFL team as well as the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show. Its cousin, the Astrodome, has not had the same measure of success in the 21st century. The Astrodome was constructed in 1965, and it was nicknamed the eighth wonder of the world by its masters. The dome featured such impressive historical properties as the Houston Oilers and the Houston Astros. Since those days, the former team moved to Nashville, while the latter team moved to NRG Stadium. The Astrodome has not had any major tenants, and the city of Houston has been faced with what the building will mean for the future of Houston commercial real estate.

The building has sat around Houston for 49 years, and the building is in the process of becoming a historical monument under the protection of Harris County. Despite that, there has been concern over what the future of the Astrodome will be. With no major tenants knocking on its door anytime soon, the move to refurbish the Astrodome into a multipurpose event center has been raised. There was a motion to convert the stadium into just that in 2013, but that suggestion was shot down by voters. The building cannot be demolished because it is a historical landmark, but no project has been put forward has been approved by voters or commissioners alike. Until one of those circumstances changes, the stadium will remain deserted. While not state-of-the-art today, the stadium once was the new standard for all stadiums in the United States. It is understandable why the city of Houston would like to preserve its existence despite the economic burden of maintaining it to this day.

Eventually, it’s expected that somebody ambitious enough will find a new use and project for the dilapidated stadium. Its sheer size is practically begging for a renovation project so that the stadium can better service the city of Houston once again, but in the meantime, it stands in wait, looming over the city of Houston

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Capital Realty Group always remains seized on major Houston commercial real estate projects. The Astrodome is just one of those projects that could dramatically affect the commercial real estate situation of Houston if someone were brave enough to take it on. A storied stadium, the Astrodome is as much as a symbol of Houston as the JPMorgan Chase Building, and it’s understandable why the city’s denizens feel such a strong connection to it. Eventually, someone will find an auspicious future for the Astrodome, and it will occur all while Houston’s economy continues to soar. As the fourth largest city in our nation, there isn’t any reason you wouldn’t want to start a business here. In order to learn about other commercial real estate opportunities in Houston, call Capital Realty Group at 713-452-9000 to learn more about how our REAL-ized Visions approach can help you find the best property for your business’ needs.

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