The Republic Plaza

In the heart of the Mile High City is a tall, cubical white structure. Dubbed the Republic Plaza, this building stands as Denver’s tallest building, standing at a modest 714 feet tall. All 56 of its floors are used for commercial real estate in Denver, and vacancies in this behemoth are limited. Built in 1984 and owned by Brookfield Properties, the Republic Plaza has become a significant symbol of Denver’s skyline. Its convenient location on 16th street makes it prime real estate. Despite only being the 109th tallest building in the United States, it still boats an impressive 1,200,000 square feet of office space, along with three stories of retail space for shops and restaurants. The lobby is gorgeous, attracting many Denverites strolling in during the lunch hours. While it is the tallest building in Denver, its statute can be deceptive depending on your vantage point. From different angles, it might seem as though CenturyLink Tower is taller. However, it only rises to 709 feet, making it just a little shorter than the Republic Plaza.

The Republic Plaza has become a status symbol in Denver. Companies that have located in the building have done so in prosperous circumstances. The building’s relatively high rent can seem troubling, but the business you can generate from just locating in the building are unparalleled in Denver. Its impressive construction combined with its excellent location make it an amazing place to locate your office. Major firms like Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell and UBS Financial Services are all located within the confines of this extraordinary building. Furthermore, the building hosts a charity event every February called “Run the Republic,” in which people are tasked with running up all 1,908 flights of stairs to the very top of the building. The event is hosted by the Fight for Air Climb, an organization that hopes to help people who have lost the ability to breath on their own.

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