Food Halls Rising in America

The food hall trend is rapidly spreading throughout the United States.

Food halls keep popping up in all metropolitan cities across the country. Each food hall, also known as a market, is different, but they all have one commonality, delicious food. These trendy food halls create a surreal European experience for each visitor. This isn’t your typical grocery store trip; it’s a vibrant space with an array of local vendors! The variety of vendors is broad, from selling fresh produce, to fresh flowers, or artisan baskets to hand made hats.

Houston, Texas is finally joining the other cities, and developing its very own market. The first market to come to the city will be located in the heart of downtown Houston. The market will be connected to the Lyric Centre building, located in the theater district. This 31,000 square feet market will become a staple for all Houstonians and a tourist destination for visitors who hunger for the aesthetic, yet cozy market experience.

Like most markets, the market in downtown Houston will have full service restaurants within the market. Some of Houston’s finest chefs are collaborating with the market to create a fresh exciting concept to thrill all foodies. Whether stopping by during lunch hour, or enjoying dinner before catching a play, this market will create a euphoric escape from reality.

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This post was written by Cece Garrett