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It’s always exciting when new buildings are added to a great skyline, and it’s even more exciting for businesses when that building seeks to add commercial space to an already bustling environment. Capital Realty Group, one of the foremost names in Houston’s commercial real estate market, always seeks to find lucrative and new commercial properties in the Houston area. As of November 1st, 2013, work on Houston’s newest addition to the commercial sector, 609 Main at Texas, has begun.

This up and coming building is sure to attract businesses from across the country wishing to do work in the Houston area. The building will be conveniently located at the corner of Main and Texas streets with access to the Main Street line, putting it at the heart of downtown Houston. As America’s fourth largest city, demand for office space in downtown Houston has practically been insatiable. Fortunately, this new building is nothing to sneeze at. With the plan to cap off at 47 stories with 1,050,00 square feet of office space, 609 Main at Texas will become the 7th largest building in the Houston-metro area. With downtown Houston displaying roughly 90% office occupancy, the construction of this building should be well received. Notwithstanding the elegant design planned for the tower, the new building is sure to become an economic center for Houston-based businesses, as well as businesses that wish to have a location set in Houston.

The building is expected to be finished in 2017, and analysts are certain that commercial space in this building will go fast. At present, Houston is one of the most popular destinations for businesses to practice in, and the confidence behind this new office building project serves to evidence that fact. Business in Houston is booming, and if you want to gain a piece of this prosperous environment, then you’re going to want to make sure you have a Houston commercial realty firm that you can trust to get you the best office spaces at the least cost.

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