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Denver Commercial Real Estate Airport City

As one of the fastest growing cities in America, Denver commercial real estate opportunities have been aplenty. Being well aware of this, Denver officials have taken measures to creating an entire commercial zone around the Denver International Airport. While at first, it may seem a little strange to design an entire economic sector around an airline hub, consider that Denver isn’t the first city to attempt this. Airport cities, otherwise known as aerotropolises, have grown by chance around booming airports like Newark International Airport in New Jersey and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, but generally speaking these developments aren’t preceded by urban planning. Entire commercial sectors revolve around these gargantuan airports because they bring in significant traffic that is necessary for certain businesses. But some cities have come to pre-plan an aerotropolis, like Dallas-Fort Worth and Paris’ Roissy CDG. Denver, Colorado is just the next big hub to make the move.

Denver mayor Hancock announced the plans for Denver’s Airport City in April of 2012, promising to incorporate it into the greater Denver area’s economic infrastructure. The project is building upon over 53 square miles of land around DIA with the intention of creating over 70,000 jobs for the Denver area in the next 20 years. The plans for the airport city include:

  • A city center considered to be, “the convergence point between vibrant business community and the Airport’s ongoing development initiatives.”
  • A city gateway that will develop commercial space along public-transit lines.
  • A logistics center for shipping facilities with global reach.
  • An aero district granting reliable and protected “cargo, aerospace, aviation and military operations”
  • A tech district for aerospace manufacturing, aviation, renewable energy, biosciences, and several other tech industries.
  • An agro district for the processing and distribution of food, as well as cold-storage, greenhouse agriculture, bio-fuel industry, and significant warehouse space.

The city will be connected to Denver, Aurora, and DIA along the E-470 corridor, Peña Boulevard, and the up and coming light rail extending from downtown Denver to the airport. Just like economic opportunities that sprung up from water ports, railroad stations, and major highways, the aerotropolis model is just the next big commercial innovation. The light rail extending to the airport is expected to be completed by the conclusion of 2015, with the aerotropolis project to be completed soon after that.

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This is without a doubt the largest commercial project being undertaken inDenver. This kind of commercial real estate will be huge, allowing direct access to international air travel to and from Denver, this is the kind of real estate property you will want to be following closely. When the time comes to procure commercial activity in the area, you will want to contact Capital Realty Group as soon as possible to help get you the properties your business will need. Denver is an economic hub that is growing considerably every year, and that trend is only expected to grow.

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