Denver Broncos Still a Fan Favorite In Colorado

The Denver Broncos have once again clinched a playoff spot by winning the AFC West for a fourth consecutive year. The win means that they will have at least one home game in Denver, another opportunity for football fans across the nation to witness Denver Bronco’s culture and the city’s commercial real estate thanks to the panoramic views given during television breaks.

There is really no home quite like Sports Authority Field at Mile High, a modern and sleek facility that was built in the wake of Denver’s back-to-back Super Bowl victories in 1998 and 1999. The Denver Broncos made the move to the $400 million stadium in 2001, although back then it was called Invesco Field at Mile High. Sports Authority purchased the naming rights for $6 million per year in a 25-year agreement that began in 2011.

NFL Football, Lacrosse, Concerts and More

From the outside, the stadium was designed to mirror the skyline of the Rocky Mountains to the west of the city and was built just 50 feet from the site of the original Mile High Stadium, but still at 5,280 feet—a mile high—in elevation. On the inside, it has a capacity of 76,125 people for football games and up to 50,000 for concerts. The stadium also features 144 luxury suites, many modern amenities, a plethora of concession stands, more than 100 portable concession stands and kiosks, a natural grass field, easy RTD access, and three newly placed HD LED video displays across the seating bowl, as well as many other perks. The team has sold out every single Bronco game since 1970, but it’s not just used for NFL football. Others who have used the stadium include Denver’s Major League Lacrosse team, the Denver Outlaws, as well as the Colorado State University Rams and the University of Colorado Buffaloes for their intra-state football rivalry, high school state football championship games, summer concerts, and marching band and drumming competitions.

Bronco Culture and Traditions Built Over 55 Years

Perhaps the most notable tradition at Mile High is the “incomplete pass” chant. This chant always occurs after the opposing team’s quarterback throws an incomplete pass. In unison, the crowd then cheers, while slowly emphasizing each syllable, “in-com-plete!” It is then followed by a “sad trombone” effect. The intent of the chant is to demoralize the opposing team’s quarterback with every incomplete pass, making it even more difficult for them to rally in the final quarter of the game.

Another time-honored tradition is the Mile High Thunder. Primarily, the audience in the upper decks begin stomping their feet on the stadium’s floors in an effort to create significant noise to throw off the opposing team’s offense. Alternatively, the stomping also keeps the audience members warm, which is vital during games in the colder months of the season.

Ultimately, the Denver Broncos have been a major part of Denver’s culture for nearly 55 years, and one could not talk about Denver without mentioning their die-hard love for their football team. Sports Authority at Mile High is just as much a part of every Denverite’s life as the Rocky Mountains and the great outdoors, and with a certain playoff appearance in the next month, you can bet that the stadium will be full of excited Broncos fans well into the new year.

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What are some of your favorite Broncos moments at Sports Authority Field at Mile High?

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