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When it comes to unique office space design in Houston that can increase employee morale and productivity as well as simply being “cool”, Southern Green Builders’ space was certainly a fan favorite according to a recent Facebook survey from The Houston Business Journal.

The Contest and the Conference Room
Although it didn’t start off as a contest when The Houston Business Journal asked their readers to submit pics of their innovative office space, readers voted with their “likes” and soon a hands-down favorite was evident. It was Southern Green Builders’ conference room that stole the contest with the most “likes”, a room complete with expansive windows that highlight an amazing view of Houston’s downtown skyline. Residing on Houston’s oldest street, Houston Avenue, the office space used reclaimed wood from area neighborhoods in its workspace and simply oozes cool.

The Company: Southern Green Builders
Southern Green Builders is a boutique and custom home-building company. They topped the Houston Business Journal‘s Fast 100 list for 2014 as the fastest-growing private company in the 10-county Houston metropolitan area in business. From 2011 to 2013, they saw an enviable 1,614.4% increase in revenue. What makes these numbers all the more impressive is that the company only employs eight people.

What began as a friendship between three friends who met at Texas A&M, became the start-up they opened in 2009 to offer the marketplace a better way to design, build and market homes than the cookie-cutter floorplans that production home builders were churning out. They started out doing kitchen and bathroom remodels, until their first major project in the Heights neighborhood. Within two weeks of putting the remodeled home on the market, the home sold, and they realized they had found a promising neighborhood.

Part of their success can be attributed to their focus on efficient customer-friendly support. Rather than dubbing themselves the experts and rarely interacting with their client, they allow clients to constantly reach out to them through online communications and tablet software. And whenever the client wishes to come in, their unique Houston office space was designed to have a friendly environment to welcome clients.

How to Use This Information
Southern Green Builders is just the latest example of a company that has integrated their identity into their office design. Ultimately, your office space will determine just comfortable clients feel working with you. The office needs to represent your brand, because the client will walk in and immediately sense the personality you are trying to present. Our approach is one that bring innovation to commercial real estate in Houston. For more information on what we do, or if you are looking for unique office space design in Houston for your company, then give us a call at 713-452-9000.

What elements of your brand do you want to incorporate into your unique Houston office space?

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