Denver’s Flagship REI Store: A Model for Business Success

How do you ensure the success of a business? Well, for one, establishing it in a thriving locale such as the Denver commercial real estate market is a good place to start. Today, many companies also believe a strong workplace culture is a true guarantee of business success. And the really lucky companies, such as Denver’s REI flagship store, not only believe, but have experienced the success that comes from establishing a strong culture.

Shared Passions and a Community of Respect
Since the beginning of REI’s business 75 years ago, REI’s commitment to treating both its employees and customers extraordinarily well has earned it the title of one of America’s Most Inspiring Companies in 2013 by Forbes Magazine and has kept it on the list of Fortune Magazine’s 100 best places to work consistently since 1998.

REI’s employees share a great love for the outdoors which fuels their effectiveness as outdoor gear sales people. REI established a strong corporate responsibility which pushes for environmental conscientiousness and education. REI’s employees and mission to promote environmental preservation and education have had an incredible effect on its achievement as a co-op business – by sticking to its values, REI has created a loyal base of employees and customers.

Promoting a casual, work-hard, play-hard, collaborative environment along with competitive benefits such as incentive plans, adoption assistance and tuition reimbursement, REI ensures that its people are “the ultimate source of our success.”

Denver’s REI Flagship Store
Combine the outstanding corporate responsibility of REI with Denver’s outdoorsy people and you have an incredible business venture. Since its opening in the early 2000s, Denver’s flagship REI store has been extremely successful. In fact, Denver’s REI has become so popular that it has been able to pay off the $6.3 million development subsidy issued by the Denver Urban Renewal Authority three years ahead of schedule.

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