Thinking Outside the Cubicle Box: Innovative Office Space Designs

Office designs have changed a lot over the last several decades. Companies have become aware of the positive effect unique work environments can have on the well-being and happiness of their staff, which subsequently improves their work performance. This trend, particularly with businesses that make their money on the internet, has resulted in some incredible office designs which break away from the cubicle box. In fact, due to a high need to appeal to millennials, now more than 70 percent of American employees work in open-office environments. We are excited to show you some of the amazing possibilities of what you can do with investments in commercial office space.

Google’s Zurich Office
By now, most people are aware of Google’s reputation for innovation and fun in the workplace. Backed by tons of money, Google has designed incredible workplaces that mix business with pleasure so that staff can relax and have fun during their breaks. As the company thrives off of creativity, their Zurich office is designed to provide every employee with a creative space. Oh, and there’s a slide and fireman’s pole to get from floor to floor. Not to mention the library and aquarium.

AOL’s Palo Alto, CA Headquarters
AOL has matched recent big purchases of websites such as Huffington Post with massive renovations to their headquarters. They’ve moved away from their stuffy past and embraced Google’s approach, filling their old offices with fresh designs. Like many other internet companies these days, AOL has inserted lots of color, relaxation areas, pool tables, game rooms and expansive work spaces to keep their employees happy.

Facebook’s Palo Alto, CA Headquarters
The social media giant Facebook took a unique approach to designing its offices by polling employees to ask what was most desirable to have in the workplace. The result is an exceptional office with tons of relaxation spaces, including places to skate and DJ from, making Facebook the ideal place for both work and play.

YouTube’s San Bruno, CA Office
When Google bought YouTube, big changes happened to their San Bruno headquarters. They’ve introduced wide open floor plans which feature a gym, an indoor putting range and Segway roaming. The new design is intended to help employees be relaxed and enjoy their work environment enough to come up with new ideas. And judging by their success, it seems to be working.

Why All the New Designs?
Open-office designs are suited to millennials who are accustomed to using portable technology and thus prefer flexibility for work hours and location. Socialization and collaboration in the office also increase with open-office designs, with the added benefits of greater productivity and employee well-being.

We love seeing innovative office designs because they show us the amazing things people are doing with our commercial real estate offerings and give us inspiration to custom design your space with our REAL-IzedTM Visions approach. If you are looking for office space in the Houston or Denver areas, we would love to find you the perfect office space to try out your own unique ideas and designs.

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