What is an Executive Office Suite?

Trying to cut costs on rent? Only need a single office? An executive suite might be the answer for you! You might ask, what is an executive suite? Well it is a collection of offices that can all be individually leased. Once a client leases an executive office suite, there are many amenities that are included in the overall rent for each month. Those amenities might include a receptionist, an office kitchen, and conference rooms; all amenities vary depending on the building.

Executive suites can be beneficial for certain client’s needs. Specifically start up businesses that desire a professional environment, but on a cheaper budget. Or perhaps small companies, that don’t need a huge space, and prefer a smaller office with all of the necessities for a professional business. Executive suites allow the client to hold a professional business at a lower price.

Downtown Houston has several executive suites. However, the suites at the Lyric Centre has always stood out for their professional staff and premier amenities.

Not only does the Lyric Centre have a prestigious downtown address, they have a vast array of services and amenities available to fit each individual’s needs. Just to name a few perks that the executive suites offer include multiple conference rooms available upon request. Along with a fully equipped break room, and a live receptionist that handles telephones and welcomes your guests, entirely in a professional manner.

For more information on the many benefits of the executive suites at the prestigious Lyric Centre in downtown Houston, please contact Macy Henry at [email protected]. Tenant representatives, we welcome your referrals!

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This post was written by Cece Garrett