Nationwide Insurance Moving Its Denver Offices

Nationwide Insurance will consolidate its Denver offices into one large new building near the Lincoln light-rail station this year. This move illustrates just one of the commercial real estate market trends we are seeing at Capital Realty Group of an increased interest in Denver office space near light-rail lines.

The fact that Nationwide is upgrading its offices is perhaps no great surprise, but its new location is a sign of how much the Denver real estate market has changed in less than 10 years. Not long ago, this area off the I-25 corridor would never have been called desirable commercial real estate in large part because there weren’t many buildings there at all, much less buildings suitable for office space.

But the light-rail has changed that dramatically. Over recent years, some of the newest and most desirable real estate in the Denver metro area has been built adjacent to light-rail stations. The new Nationwide office’s immediate proximity to the light-rail station makes it just one comfortable train ride away from anywhere from Golden to Union Station to DIA.

The new Nationwide Insurance buildings’ bright, sleek modernity reflects both Nationwide’s progress as a company and the light-rail’s opportunity for development. The new LEED-certified building has 75,000 square feet across five floors and features an underfloor air distribution system and covered parking. Nationwide has signed a long-term lease for the first three floors and part of the fourth.

Welcome to the great new space, Nationwide!

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