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What is an office building? A contained space? A place you work? Something you avoid on weekends? The truth is, all of those items can be considered characteristics of an office space, but that doesn’t have to be all it is. Consider the plethora of Houston commercial real estate properties that are just waiting to be occupied. Most of them are aesthetically pleasing, but have no real background or character to them. For this reason, at Capital Realty Group, we strive to diversify our commercial real estate properties for the sake of finding office space for any kind of business’ style. That includes storied office spaces, such as at the Niels and Mellie Esperson Buildings located at the corner of Travis and Walker streets in downtown Houston.

This high rise holds the rarefied distinction of being Houston’s oldest office-type high rise. Because of this, it stands out as a glorified jewel in the heart of Houston. The Niels tower was constructed in 1927, and the Mellie tower was completed in 1941, and collectively they are called the Esperson buildings. They are the only example of Italian renaissance architecture in the entire city of Houston to this day, making it a very unique property in its own right. From elaborate columns and terraces, to a grand tempietto at the top of the building, this building serves as a pleasant reminder of type of architecture long forgotten in Houston. The Niels tower stands at 32 stories, while the Mellie tower stands at 19. Despite its older character, this building is fit for modern commercial convenience. With air-conditioning, a parking garage, and of 570,044 square feet of total office space, any company will feel right at home. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places and was certified LEED Gold in August 2011. There are even rumors that the building is haunted by Mellie Esperson’s ghost herself.

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With well-established companies like EDP Renewals North America and Martin Disiere Jefferson & Wisdom, Attorneys at Law, you can expect premium quality office space. Capital Realty Group is always on the lookout for the best, most diverse office spaces for anyone searching for Houston commercial real estate. So what are you waiting for? Contact Capital Realty Group today!

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