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Denver, Colorado has managed to put itself on the map in a plethora of notable categories. As the 23rd most populous city in America, Denver has experienced substantial population growth since 2000. With commercial projects being built both within and around Denver, there are some great opportunities for commercial success. In fact, in 2013, Denver ranked number 6 on Forbes’ list of the Best Places for Business and Career in the United States. Denver commercial real estate is worth picking up, including in areas such as in the Denver Technological Center.

The Denver Technological Center, often abbreviated as DTC, is located at the intersection of I-25 and I-225. The area covers 850 acres, the vast majority of which is used for commercial real estate properties totaling roughly 25 million square feet. This commercial district has become a major part of the Denver-commuting community, and has become a major stop for public transit to and from Downtown Denver. The district is located just 25 miles south of downtown Denver, and is home to such notable companies as Boeing, Kraft, EchoStar Communications Corporation, Oracle Corp., and Time Warner Cable.

This remarkable business district is conveniently located in a part of town that has been booming in recent years. Arapahoe county, where the DTC is located, has seen an 81% increase in population since 2000. People from all over have relocated to this part of town because businesses are moving into the DTC like wildfire. The offices in this district are all relatively modern, having been built no earlier than the 1970’s. It’s easy to access, filled with substantial office space, and is expected to see an increase in occupation in the next decade.

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