Open Concept Offices: Helping or Hurting Productivity?

What’s the best way to ensure employees to be productive and proactive? Many will say that the work place environment is a huge factor to the efficiency of the workers. Modern work places have evolved into open concept offices, where several employees share one large office space. But is this necessarily delivering all of the workers needs to be able to produce their work?

As new college graduates enter the corporate world, the corporate world evolves and modernizes with the new incomers. These modern workers have voiced their opinion that it’s important to have a quiet work place that allows complete concentration. Although these open workspaces save money for the company owners, this openness allows noise to travel. Whether on the phone speaking with clients, or discussing a project with a fellow colleague, the entire office could easily become distracted by the noise. Noise canceling headphones have been the result of this open concept office, along with listening to music to drain out the background noise.

Daily, about 70% of Americans work in an open concept workspace. But now that it’s been acknowledged that this concept might not be the answer for the employee’s needs, what are some of the alternatives?

If reconstructing the office, or moving to a new office doesn’t fit your finances, there are small ways to alter the workspace to create more privacy. By creating small quiet areas in the office, this gives the workers that need silence a chance to escape the background sounds. Office pods are a great example of a way to either keep the sound in or out, whether using it for a talking, collaborating area, or a quiet zone.

Upgrading the office to a larger space with more individual offices is perhaps the best option. We, at Capital Realty Group can help you find the office that suits your needs and the needs of your employees. You can reach us at 713-452-9000!

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This post was written by Cece Garrett