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5 Amazing Startups To Follow

Houston is the place to be right now. With office space in Houston drying up faster than anyone can process it, businesses cannot wait to get a piece of the pie. But not all of Houston’s success stories have been imported. There are some home grown companies that you should... Read More

houston commercial real estate

Houston Industrial Rental Rates Growing Considerably

As the 4th biggest city in the United States, the Houston commercial real estate market has become one of the largest in the United States. Furthermore, its location near the port of Houston, which is considered to be the busiest port in America, has made the city an industrial hotspot... Read More

Denver Commercial Real Estate

Rising Premiums For Industrial Space In Denver

Denver has long been an industrial capital for the Rocky Mountain region for some time now. Considered the most isolated major city in the United States, Denver has long serviced the entire mountain west region. As a result, Denver commercial real estate has been growing since the turn of the... Read More

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3 Great Office Spaces In Houston

Employee retention is important, as you simply need smart and talented people to help you run your business. Attracting talent is one thing, but keeping it is another. A big mistake many offices tend to make is to spend very little time making the work-environment more hospitable and refreshing. While... Read More

Josh Griffon

CRG Welcomes Associate Josh Griffon To Team

At Capital Realty Group, we are always looking to expand our operation to better serve our clients. That includes hiring new faces to help us craft a more unique experience when working with us. Our REAL-Ized Vision program allows us to really get to know our client’s so that we... Read More

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Why Trader Joe’s Is All The Rage

In Denver, we have become accustomed to the Walmarts and King Soopers grocery stores that are abundant throughout the metro area. But a California player has entered the Colorado market in the last decade and people are thrilled. Even today, yet another location is opening up in downtown Denver, bringing... Read More

Denver Commercial Real Estate

2500 West 8th Avenue

We’ve spent a considerable amount of time examining office spaces across the Denver metro area over the past few months and we thought it only seemed fitting to discuss some industrial spaces for a change. After all, we have several industrial properties in Denver, and industry is the beating heart... Read More

Houston Commercial Real Estate

17675 Tomball Parkway

Here at Capital Realty Group, we’ve devoted considerable time to highlighting our great office spaces as part of our Houston commercial real estate properties. While we do offer an abundance of office spaces in the Houston area, we also sport a fair amount of retail spaces as well, most notable:... Read More

Union Station's Effect on Denver - Capital Realty Group

Union Station’s Effect on Denver

Union Station, in downtown Denver, has been a beacon to the past for every Denverite. The building was constructed in 1881, serving as the city’s central hub to all other rail lines extending through Denver. The station was heavily populated before Amtrak was organized, where only one train was designated... Read More

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JP Morgan Chase Tower

Every city comes to know its tallest tower just by glancing at their city’s skyline. It becomes an icon of a city that resonates with every Houstonian. The JP Morgan Chase Tower, the tallest tower in Houston and the iconic symbol of Houston commercial real estate genius. Of all the... Read More