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Denver Broncos Still a Fan Favorite In Colorado

The Denver Broncos have once again clinched a playoff spot by winning the AFC West for a fourth consecutive year. The win means that they will have at least one home game in Denver, another opportunity for football fans across the nation to witness Denver Bronco’s culture and the city’s... Read More

Bellicum Pharmaceuticals Files For IPO

Houston is filled with amazing companies that break the mold time and again. Sometimes, the best news in Houston commercial real estate is also just good business news. After all, if business is good in the city, then commercial real estate will only grow in demand as people try to... Read More

5 Amazing Startups To Follow

Houston is the place to be right now. With office space in Houston drying up faster than anyone can process it, businesses cannot wait to get a piece of the pie. But not all of Houston’s success stories have been imported. There are some home grown companies that you should... Read More

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3 Great Office Spaces In Houston

Employee retention is important, as you simply need smart and talented people to help you run your business. Attracting talent is one thing, but keeping it is another. A big mistake many offices tend to make is to spend very little time making the work-environment more hospitable and refreshing. While... Read More

trader joe's

Why Trader Joe’s Is All The Rage

In Denver, we have become accustomed to the Walmarts and King Soopers grocery stores that are abundant throughout the metro area. But a California player has entered the Colorado market in the last decade and people are thrilled. Even today, yet another location is opening up in downtown Denver, bringing... Read More

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Future of the Astrodome

The Houston Texans did not have the most admirable season in recent memory. Despite this, NRG Stadium has seen its fair share of success housing an NFL team as well as the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show. Its cousin, the Astrodome, has not had the same measure of success in... Read More

Union Station Bus Concourse Grand Opening in May

Denver Union Station Bus Concourse Grand Opening in May

Denverites are particularly fond of Union Station in LoDo, one of downtown Denver’s oldest buildings. Since 2012, it has been under constant renovation and surrounded by unseemly construction, but that time is finally coming to an end. On May 11th, the Union Station bus concourse will finally open for the... Read More

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Midtown Houston

It’s sometimes amusing to remember that the Bayou City is the 4th largest city in the United States. But it is, and it is also one of America’s most diverse cities. With a metro population of 6,177,035, and 627 square miles of occupied space, the city must be divided into... Read More


Chipotle Mexican Grill Colorado Growth

The Mile High City has been a rising star in the last twenty years. With unprecedented and consistent growth in population and industry, the city has become one of the larger markets in the United States. Denver commercial real estate has come in high demand, with more and more businesses... Read More

Houston Commercial Real Estate China Town

Houston’s Chinatown

As the fourth largest city in the United States, Houston is a melting pot of differing cultures that never ceases to slow down. With its abundance of cultural representations, the Houston commercial real estate market has been performing exceptionally well. A neighborhood that has added significant cultural intrigue to the... Read More